KURZ Meter

A precision instrument for measuring the length of the stapes prostheses intraoperatively.

Cartilage Punch

The Cartilage Punch is used to make small oval cartilage slices intraoperatively, swiftly, and in a single step

KURZ Precise Cartilage Cutter

Cartilage Cutter allows precise cartilage slices to be cut with thicknesses ranging from 0.1 - 0.7 mm.

Instruments for ENT Surgery

General Surgery | Otology | Micro-Surgery | Rhinology | Sinus | Oral Cavity | Larynx | Endoscopes.

Instrument Trays

Instruments set in practical trays.

Soft CliP Hook Instrument

The Soft CliP Hook designed for the insertion of NiTiFLEX and Soft CliP Stapes Prostheses.

TTP-VARIAC Accessory Instruments

VARIAC Instruments for TTP-VARIAC Partial and Total Prosthesis