CliP Piston MVP Stapes Prosthesis

The CliP Piston MVP is designed for malleus to footplate revision stapes surgery.

CliP Piston àWengen Stapes Prosthesis

The classic model incorporating CliP technology for stapes prostheses.

Soft CliP Stapes Prosthesis

Soft CliP Prostheses for stapedioplasty provide standardized coupling to the long process of the incus without crimping.

Angular Piston Stapes Prosthesis

The Angular Piston provides excellent sound transmission due to its design and the material properties of titanium.

Skarzynski Piston Stapes Prosthesis

The Skarzynski Piston is an extremely lightweight and slender prosthesis.

K-Piston Stapes Prosthesis

One of the most commonly used KURZ Stapes Prosthesis in the world is the K-Piston.

NiTiFLEX Stapes Prosthesis

NiTiFLEX has a loop made of superelastic nitinol which considerably reduces the attachment force.

MATRIX Stapes Prosthesis

Stapes prostheses with a perforated loop band.

NiTiBOND® Stapes Prosthesis

The NiTiBOND Stapes Prosthesis combines the proven properties of CliP Stapes Prostheses with the benefits of shape memory nitinol.