Nasal Septal Button

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Nasal Septal Buttons reduce or eliminate many symptoms of nasal Septal perforations including crusting, epistaxis (Bleeding from Nose),whistling, headache, difficult breathing and rhinorrhea (persistent watery mucus discharge from the nose). Design Benefits:
  • Non-surgical closure of septal perforations
  • Ease of insertion and removal
  • Easily trimmed to assure proper fit
  • Cost effective
  • Supplied sterile, ready to use
  • Soft medical-grade silicone permits ease of insertion, maximum patient comfort, proven bio-compatibility.
Elliptical Septal Buttons gives better stability within septal perforation compared to the common nasal septal button. The central post is elliptical in shape. This elliptical shape provides restricted movement and thus minimizing slippage, less irritation, bleeding and crusting.